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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Stellar Selling for Real Estate Sales Professionals Workshop

at The Nairobi Safari Club
on October 27th-28th 2016
 Book 3 Get 1 Free

For a great majority of people real estate purchases are the biggest purchases they will ever make and hence most important. They therefore need to be handled by the finest sales professional so as to get the deal to the line as well as feel satisfied and happy of the buying process and the purchase decision.

That is why sales people who are weak in essential selling qualities and competencies consistently lose out on deals which they were surefire when they started leading to very low closing rates of inquiries.

The Stellar Selling for Real Estate course is designed to equip the sales people with skills that will help them to sell more of the properties, to as many qualified customers as often as they are awake and selling. It converts the sales person from a ‘shower’ of a house, apartment, office or land to a persuasive and trusted expert seller of real estate products who gets the customer enthused to make the purchase.

This course is not for those who are just holding a sales job waiting for the next good opportunity but for people who want to be the highest performers in the industry.

This is the only sales course designed specifically to those in the real estate industry. It addresses unique aspects of the market and real estate products.

Course Objectives

After attending this course the sales person  will:

  1. Experience increase in the number and value of their sales;
  2. Be more persuasive even to the most difficult customers;
  3. Understand the various types of customers, their buying behavior and how to manage each of the type;
  4. Delight customers by managing their psychological expectations;
  5. See deals move faster to positive closure;
  6. Overcome customer objections and fears that make them hesitate to commit;
  7. Have tools and processes for structured follow-up and relationship building;
  8. Easily understand customer buying criteria including the unspoken needs and requirements;
  9. Communicate property values in a way that match the buyers needs;
  10. Have methods for qualifying leads and managing them through the various stages of purchase decision.

After the course the sales people will be highly motivated, equipped with key skills for selling real estate properties and have methodologies and approaches to effectively engage many clients to achieve desired sales targets.

Course Content

The course covers the following subjects

Module 1: The Real Estate Market

  • Opportunities and Challenges
  • The Ideal Customer
  •  Traditional Selling Approach
  •  Emerging Trends

Module 2: The Property Buyer

  • Customer Profiling
  • What they buy
  • How they buy
  • Buying Decision Criteria

Module 3: The Property Sales Star

  • Stellar Sales Image
  • Connection Faction
  • Body Language of Selling

Module 4: How to Get Clients

  • Richest Sources of Customers
  • Targeting Best Buyers
  • Generating High Potential Leads
  • Getting Customers to Call You
  • Leveraging on the internet
  • Prospect Qualification

Module 5: Art of Property Selling

  • Property Talking Points
  • Persuading like a Pro
  • Persuading with Stories
  • Creating Value

Module 6:  Essential Property Selling Skills

  • Rapport Building
  • Relational Intelligence
  • Understanding Customer Buying Criteria
  • Closing
  • Negotiation Skills

Module 6: Opportunity Management

  • Critical Selling Activities
  • Understanding the Business Pipeline
  • Mastering the Sales Milestones
  • Speeding Up the Sales Cycle
  • Improving Prospect Conversion
  • Increasing Deal Size

Active Learning Delivery Methodology

This is not an academic course. This is a hands on course that uses over 15 learning methodologies which you ensure you learn by hearing, seeing,  teaching, asking  and doing. Lectures don’t last more than 10 minutes. Throughout the course you are 100% engaged in a learning activity.

 The Trainer: 
Sam Kariuki -Author, Sales Expert, Business Strategist

Sam Kariuki is a sales expert who has been delivering sales training programmes for over 10years first through Marketing Society of Kenya and in the last 7years through Growth Partners. Sam will be among the top 3 finest sales trainers in the market today. Those who have gone through his courses have experienced improvement in the sales performance. Sam has trained sales people and their managers  across tens of industries and types of businesses. He is often sought out to train in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. 
Sam has had his works on sales, marketing and business strategy published in Selling Power, Business Daily, Marketing Africa among other publications. He often appears on TV speaking about business growth. He is the author of the book, The Guy Who Fired His Boss.

 Dates & Venue

The Course will be held at the Nairobi Safari Club on the October 27th-28th 2016.


The investment for this course is Kshs 29,990 per participant.
Book in 3 participants get the 4th one for free.

To make your booking contact Kendi on 0208012627, 0711671843 or

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