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Monday, 6 June 2016


Win More Business, More Often from Large Companies, Multi Nationals, NGOs and Public Sector Institutions 

Faced with customers who are more demanding more value at lower prices, competitors who are more vicious and  a market that is seeking to commoditize every value, today’s sales person needs to be more strategic in his/her approach to win more clients, close more sales and protect their customers from the competition.

Strategic Selling Skills Course has been designed to equip sales people with essential skills, techniques, tools and strategies to thrive and excel in this environment.

Sales person who is armored with right weapons will outperform every other sales person who is not well equipped.

Course Objectives:

The course is designed and delivered, to equip the sales people with the skills, tools, strategies and  tactics to accomplish the following:

1.Close more profitable and large sales to achieve company and personal sales goals;
2.Generate and develop high potential  sales opportunities;
3.Overcome fear of talking to key decision makers large prospects and clients;
4.Create, manage and nurture relationships that would open up new opportunities and get sales closed;
5.Build and manage an ever rich business pipeline with opportunities that convert;
6.Unlock various obstacles that are thrown in the way of making a big sale;
7. Adopt a sales approach that is consistent with their personality strengths while utilizing other tools to manage around personality weaknesses;
8. Aggressively and tactically follow-up of high value opportunities;
9. Be results focused  in planning and execution of their sales calls and meetings;
10.Make winning  presentations to decision makers;
11.Carry out persuasive sales conversations with senior executives;
12.Initiate and manage relationships with quality prospects who are easy to convert into customers.

Course Content

The course will be covered as follows:



Pipeline Management
Customer Profiling
Lead Generation Strategies
Prospect Qualification
Prospect Nurturing
Follow-Up Management
Consultative Selling
The Consultative Process
Effective Presentations
Objection Handling
Closing Mastery
Sales Communications
Effective Presentations
Nonverbal Communication
Sales Conversations
Persuasion Strategies
Selling to Large Organizations
Tactical Vs Strategic Selling
Value Design
Buyer Influences
C-Level Selling
What CEOs Want
Conversations that Win CEOs
Managing CEO Relationships
High Value Client Relationships
From a Customer to a Client
Lifetime Value of a Customer
Customer Relationship Model
Techniques for Growing Customer Relationship
Leveraging your Sales Personality Strengths
Know your Sales Personality
Discover your Sales Strengths
Putting Your Strengths to Work
Managing Sales Personality Weaknesses


Investment: KES 28,500 +VAT per Participant


The Nairobi Safari Club


September 8th & 9th 2016

Lead Facilitator

Sam Kariuki- Course Designer & Lead Facilitator

Sam Kariuki is a sales strategist and business growth consultant. He helps set up high performance sales organizations, develop sales growth strategies, design scalable business models, identify and remove sales growth constraints and trains business owners, managers and sales staff on ways to effectively grow revenues, open new markets, acquire new customers and multiply value from existing customers.

Sam has developed various tools that help businesses hire top sales producers and develop existing ones to achieve set targets.

Sam has over 10 years’ experience in sales training, sales recruitment and business advisory. He has trained and consulted for various blue chip companies, Small & Mid Sized Businesses and International Development Organizations across East Africa. Organizations that have engaged Sam have developed new revenue streams, experienced increased sales, developed professional sales teams and increased returns on their sales and marketing expenditure.

He the author of the highly acclaimed novel The Guy Who Fired His Boss, which is a book showing how to evaluate a business idea, design it into a business and build a successful business venture. He has contributed articles to various business publications including Business Daily, Marketing Africa, and Selling Power East Africa among others.

He holds various qualifications including a Degree in Marketing from University of Nairobi and Executive Diploma in Marketing from Marketing Society of Kenya.


To Register for the course contact Kendi 

Tel: +254 20 801 26 27 

Cell: +254 711 671 843
        +254 772 12 52 79


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