When we printed The Guy Who Fired His Boss we had planned for a grand launch. We had planned to give away a hard back edition of the book. The launch never happened.

However, the hard back books were already printed and shipped into Kenya. These hard-back copies were not intended to be put in the market for sale but shared with special people. They will still not be put in the book stores because their price is a bit high and they wont sell given the price competition from the soft back edition.

But you can get a copy of this hardback edition from me. I need to create storage room in the house urgently. I'm therefore offering the hard-back edition of The Guy Who Fired His Boss for Kshs 1200 for 2 Copies ( In the market each copy would sell for Kshs 2300).
If you want to take advantage of this rare offer inbox me your interest and we will send the copies to you wherever you are in Kenya. or email kendi@growthpartners.co.ke/ +254 20 8012627