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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Sales Drive

You don’t send out an army for critical operation unless you are certain that the personnel are well equipped with motivation, skills and tools to do the job. Unfortunately many sales people sent out every day to generate and convert opportunities into sales are not equipped to do the basics of the job leave- alone achieving the targets given to them. Many of them have no idea of what they are expected to produce and a bigger population do not know how to deliver what their bosses demanding of them. 

At the end of every month, managers and sales people are frustrated with the numbers. As a result the following month starts with demands and threats from managers and promises from sales people which over time culminate with firing and resignations. 

New sales people and managers are hired and the cycle begins again. Deep down everyone hopes this is a different bunch but, at the end of it reality dawns that the business is stuck at the same point it was with last group of sales people. What is the solution to this vicious cycle?

You need to develop the capacity of your team to be equal to the task you expect them to perform. The bigger the tasks the bigger the capacity required to undertake it. To build this capacity, you need to develop the team by giving them the best training, coaching and motivation. 

Training gives people knowledge, skills and techniques to perform; coaching gets them to convert the knowledge into performance, behaviors and habits; and motivation is the fuel that gets the people to do it out of their own volition. Lack of any of these three aspects greatly lowers the capacity of the sales person to perform.

Growth Partners focuses on building ideas, solutions and products that address these three aspects in a sales person and team. We have training courses that fire up sales people into action and show them how to transform that effort into results. We have helped dozens of ordinary sales people transform into high producing sales professionals. We have also worked with tens of sales managers and organizations as they build an environment that allows and encourages sales talent to flourish. 

We have coached, guided and mentored individual sales people and their managers, as well as set-up strategies and structures that draw out the full of their potential.  We have helped many people discover their sales strengths and guided them on how to make these strengths work for them. We have assisted many firms discover where the main performance constraints are and walked with them as they focus on  addressing and removing these bottlenecks that stop them from becoming better organizations. 

We help sales directors and managers, sales people, business leaders and HR Managers through open and in-house training programs, sales growth strategy formulation and execution, coaching among other services designed to help you achieve your sales goals. 

Whatever sales challenge you are experiencing in your organization or career, plan to have a conversation with our sales consultant and see if we could help. Our passion is to see your problems solved.

Register now for the sales mastery course.

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