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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Sales Drive

You are doomed in sales if you don’t have this quality.
Sam Kariuki
In recent wedding of a friend, I was asked what one quality that the top 20% sales producers that the rest don’t. As a sales recruiter this is a question that is always top of my mind when sourcing, screening and selecting sales people. To answer this question I need to know the product being sold and the profile of the target customer. These two make the jig saw puzzle that is then completed by the ideal sales person.
But I needed to give the answer to the questioner within the shortest time possible, as we were on the food queue. The answer is Sales Drive. In the next few minutes I added the following few points regarding sales drive.

Sales drive is a blend of desire to win, initiative to get things started, discipline to follow through a task to completion and belief that positive results are more likely than not. When these traits come together you have a sales person who cannot be easily defeated. You have a man or woman who is only satisfied with winning. 

Many people can fake sales drive even in the most rigorous interview session and those who may impress might be highly deficient in it. Some of those who don’t appear to have it might be loaded with it. Why? Because sales drive can be best be seen in the results it delivers rather than being explained or described in an oral interview.

Some people confuse extroversion with drive. Extroverted people can have the drive but being extroverted doesn’t mean you have it. There are many people who introverts and have a lot of sales drive.

There are managers who think that older people or those with long work experience have more drive than the young and inexperienced. While experience may help refine certain job competencies it does not necessarily improve sales drive- the opposite could be the truth.

How do you tell whether a person has the drive? There is one way checking out the person results over time or using various psychometric tools that are designed to measure the drive.
Our conversation abruptly cut short and I look forward to catching up with the questioner soon to talk more about how we go about measuring the drive.

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